At Marwyn we believe we have the skills to make a difference outside the working environment as well as in it. We are proud to be able to help transform lives through our involvement with selected charitable organisations and educational programmes.

The Marwyn Trust

The Marwyn Trust works hand in hand with chosen charitable and educational programmes. We also encourage our staff to spend time on causes that are close to each of them as individuals.


The Sumbandila Trust



The Sumbandila Trust is a non-profit organisation focused on providing free access to secondary education to the brightest children living in extreme poverty in Southern Africa. Based in Limpopo Province, South Africa, it offers children from rural villages, often characterised by malnutrition, ill health and social upheaval, the chance to benefit from high quality secondary education alongside a strong mentorship programme.

The Trust’s goal is to create job creators rather than job takers with a sense of responsibility and awareness, to foster both social and business entrepreneurs with strong roots in their communities.

Cash & Rocket



Julie Brangstrup founded Cash & Rocket in 2011, with a vision to create a platform for luxury global brands to promote their products in innovative ways, with a particular focus on the female consumer. The Cash & Rocket Tour is a platform that presents partners with a route to access new markets and deal directly with high-value clients, whilst also creating a wider following with the end consumer.

Cash & Rocket give our partners an opportunity to create unique, multi-media content and powerful social media coverage, as well as providing an innovative environment for launching a new product and increasing existing brand awareness.

Shine on Sierra Leone


Shine on Sierra Leone Photo 2

Shine On Sierra Leone, an innovative non-profit organization that actively raises awareness for Sierra Leone’s incredible needs and creates sustainable programs to promote thriving self-sufficient communities and rich cultural experiences in both Sierra Leone and the United States.

Shine on Sierra Leone works to support the young people of Sierra Leone as they rebuild their nation – with a particular focus on education, micro loans for women, healthcare and sustainable development. Although the country has always had substantial mineral resources, it has suffered decades of corruption and economic mismanagement and was in the grips of a bloody civil war from 1991 to 2002 over control of its diamond fields.