Finding the right management is the key to our success

We seek talented managers with strong track records of creating shareholder value. Our approach is to identify, support, invest in and work alongside these operational managers.

We partner with managers earlier than the rest

We partner with industry-leading managers, often for 6 months or more, prior to executing our first platform acquisition together. Managers typically work on-site within our serviced offices in the West End.

The managers we work with bring their extensive industry networks and expertise to bear in the proprietary identification of acquisition opportunities and in assembling a preeminent management team around them.

Working together we refine the strategy, identify targets and conduct diligence.

We work closely with management through the life of our investments

The first platform acquisition is just the beginning. We provide timely and constructive input through the life of the investment, with board representation and the provision of corporate finance advice.

We provide more than just funding

We provide management teams with years of experience in capital markets and access to our broad network of professional relationships that includes bankers, brokers, recruiters, lawyers, consultants and more.

This network opens doors to attractive acquisition opportunities, delivers growth capital and sound advice – factors that are crucial in the successful delivery of a buy-and-build strategy.

We also provide expertise to our management teams in the following areas:

  • Target identification
  • End-to-end transaction management including valuation, structuring, negotiation, execution and sale
  • Capital raising and structuring
  • Recruitment
  • Incentivisation

We are in it together

Financial incentivisation for Management and Marwyn is aligned to ensure harmony and transparency.

Rewards crystallise only on the achievement of real gains in equity value to all shareholders.

Like our portfolio managers, we also have a great track record

We have listed 15 vehicles with management teams over the last decade and made over 90 private company aquisitions.

Our strategy has proven so successful that since inception, our fund has delivered returns of 329% vs. 12% for the FTSE All Share index.

This performance ranks MVI LP in the top 15 performing funds amongst all publicly listed funds on the London Stock Exchange since inception in 2006.

Based on Morningstar analysis of all 206 LSE listed funds which were operating during the period from 23.02.06 to 29.02.16.